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Goodwill to All

When the Goodwill project first came across our table, I didn't realize how it would impact me. I've been bringing clothing/items to our local Goodwill for a LONG time. When you have children, you end up with way more stuff than you ever need (and much of it comes and goes fairly quickly -- especially clothing). I, like many others, didn't realize all that Goodwill has to offer. We went to a few different locations the Chesney, Greenville and Columbia, SC and told a few different stories, and the common thread throughout was this: Goodwill is much more than you think it is. They help people from the start of their recovery all the way through to a life-changing career, no matter what your background or history is. As Stacey says below "Stop by Goodwill". There's a lot more happening that you even know. Check out her story below. We are so proud.

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