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An outdoor middle school? Yes, please!

In working with the South Carolina Public Charter School District, we created our first school video at an outdoor-focused middle School called Tall Pines STEM Academy. To say that I was jealous is an understatement! This place would have been PERFECT for me when I was growing up. Yes, I was THAT kid. I needed to move constantly. I had to make things. Sing. Dance. Draw. You name it. Tall Pines gives 6th-8th grade students the opportunity to do much of their daily learning outdoors. Like, seriously. They take laptops outside and do classwork. It's awesome. Every grade also gets recess every day, which, if I remember correctly, was pretty much over with by middle school for me. Bummer. Charter schools are offering parent a choice when it comes to their children's education. We can wait to bring these stories to you in the coming months/years! Charter schools are the future. You heard it here first.

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